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We know you want to find out what kind of bang you'll get for your buck on your home inspection and we want to show you! Scroll down the page to see some sample inspection reports. Like what you see? Keep scrolling to fill out our online scheduling form or just give us a call at 813-444-8589

modern, easy to navigate reports

Willson Home Inspection, Inc takes pride in presenting modern, easy to navigate reports. We know time is of the essence in most real estate transactions and you don't want to wait until you get back to the office to review your report - that's why we provide web based reports that can easily be accessed from your mobile device as well as your desktop. Convenient sidebar navigation links take you straight to the section you need without all that pesky scrolling and report pictures can be viewed full screen with just a click. 

Of course home buyers and agents don't just want to see the report quickly, they need to get their request list to the seller as fast as possible too. The built in Repair Request Builder makes it quick and easy to compile that list and email it to the selling agent. 

Still want that PDF copy of the report? Don't worry because we have that too, just click on the blue PDF button on the right side for to print, download or view a PDF version of the report.

wind mitigation inspection

Have you been told by your Realtor or your insurance company that you should have a Wind Mitigation Inspection? Wondering what that is? Well, tourists aren't the only ones who like coming to Florida, hurricanes like to visit, too. A Wind Mitigation inspection, sometimes called a "Windstorm Inspection", checks to see how well your home is defended against these big storms.

The inspection checks for things like impact resistant doors and windows, how the roof is attached to the walls as well as other wind mitigating factors and puts all that info on to a form with a catchy name called "OIR-B1-1802"

Your insurance agent is then going to use that report to see what kind of discounts you will receive off of your insurance premium, and who doesn't love a discount? The report is good for five years and if you decide to do any upgrades to your home like new windows or a roof then have another inspection performed. In many cases the new discounts will pay for the cost of the inspection in less than a year.

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